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It doesn't matter whether or not you're currently looking for your next PeopleSoft job or contract right now or you just want to make sure you can quickly and easily get one when you need it... you absolutely must implement these strategies and techniques that show you how to create your online digital footprint for PeopleSoft employers, recruiters, and potentially clients to find you, follow you, and continually send you the best job opportunities!

PeopleSoft Resume Secrets is a unique 40+ page guide that shows you exactly how to do this!

These strategies and techniques will make sure that you always get your resume, skills, and profile seen by PeopleSoft employers and recruiters.

Whether you believe it or not, you are a PeopleSoft sales person that must sell your product or service... - YOU!  

You are the product and service that you are selling to potential employers, recruiters, and/or clients and you must position yourself, your online profiles, and your resume – The Right Way!

In today's tight ERP job market, competition for PeopleSoft jobs is hotter than ever. This guide also looks at the current PeopleSoft job search and hiring processes, such as the rise of LinkedIn and other social networks as ERP and PeopleSoft recruiting resources.  In addition this guide addresses the most important places to put your resume, your online PeopleSoft profile, how to brand yourself, and how to create an online digital PeopleSoft footprint.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • The Current State of Online  PeopleSoft Recruiting, and how you MUST position yourself

  • How to Get anyone to find your PeopleSoft Resume and profile online, based on your targeted keywords

  • Where you absolutely Must put your PeopleSoft Resume Online
    How and Why you need to Brand Yourself Online

  • How to build a laser targeted connection list and do highly effective PeopleSoft networking

  • Six Specific Tactics You Must Use on LinkedIn – The Right Way

  • How to get a steady flow of PeopleSoft job offers by improving your visibility

  • Why and How You Must Optimize Your PeopleSoft Resume, Your LinkedIn Profile, and a Secret Resume Tactic that gets you noticed!

  • Learn this Under-Utilized Secret that Will Explode the Responsiveness of Your  Resume

  • How to Leverage a Simple Yet Hardly Known Social Media Site to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

  • YouTube Secrets to More Resume Exposure – How to use YouTube to Maximize your exposure

  • And Much More

By the time you finish this guide, you will have all of the digital  resume secrets that you need to never being out of work and landing your dream job!

Here is a Summary of What You'll Get

  • Instant download of the 40+ page PeopleSoft Resume Secrets guide

  • Information & Knowledge on how to position yourself online and get noticed by PeopleSoft employers, recruiters, and clients.

  • Tips & Techniques that get you more PeopleSoft job offers, contract offers, and clients.

  • Access to our PeopleSoft Resume monthly newsletter with up to date news, tips, and techniques

The guide can be instantly downloaded to your computer, tablet, or even your smart phone!   (All you’ll need is the free Adobe Reader software to view it.)

30 Day No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy with ANY aspect of the guide and its contents, than simply let us know and we will immediately refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked! All of the risk is on us!

PeopleSoft Resume Secrets

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